Energy tips: save money on your next electricity bill

Energy tips: save money on your next electricity bill

Energy tips, everyone wants to save energy these days.

Well, I’ll show you how to save energy without spending a penny. That’s right, you can save money and help the Earth simply by saving energy at home. The first energy tips deal with children who don’t care about their parents’ electricity bills.

Energy Council # 1

Here’s an idea, turn off what you don’t use. I know that most adults have them, but children seem to have a problem with that. You can set timers on the switches and set the televisions in your home to go to sleep every hour. This will turn off the television when they leave and also remind them that they have been watching television for ONE HOUR. Get up and do something else! You can say I have children, right?

Energy tips # 2

Set up your computers in hibernation with 1 hour of inactivity and set up the monitors to go to sleep after half an hour. Any device that displays video images consumes the most energy. You can access this setting in the Control Panel in Power Options.

Energy tips # 3

Check your water heater to make sure you don’t waste energy. The water heater should be in a blanket and should set the thermostat to 120 – 130 degrees. If you have a large family taking showers one by one, you can try the settings to find one that gives everyone hot water.

Energy tips # 4

Place the thermostat in your home two degrees below what is currently heating and a few degrees above what is cooling. Open the blinds in winter to naturally heat your home and close them in summer to protect them from heat.

Energy tips # 5

Turn off the old refrigerator or freezer in your garage or basement that is turning the electricity meter. This thing is probably half empty or just full of beer. Ok, you may have to keep it if it is full of beer. I don’t want many football fans chasing me. This is your call.

You will find more energy advice on my site below, as well as how to do your own energy audit. While there, you can also verify that you are more aggressive saving money on your electricity bill through other methods that have led people to a low or no cost on electricity bills. Well, that’s all I have at the moment about energy advice.