Five easy ways to get more storage space from the floor plans of small houses

Five easy ways to get more storage space from the floor plans of small houses

Over the years, it is easy to collect many objects that are valuable to their memories or have valuable features; things that are simply too important to get rid of,

but not enough storage space. If the house you’re about to build (or the one you live in right now) is too small to accommodate everything you love nearby and dear, then it’s time to get a little inventive. Whether you’re designing a new building or renovating an existing one, here are some creative ways to find additional space to solve your storage problems.


Up or downstairs almost always offer valuable space for shelves, cabinets or cabinets. For example, a one-story house with stairs leading down to the basement and without a second floor offers space for a raised wardrobe or closet space at the opposite end of the staircase on the upper floor. The cabinet or the bottom of the cabinet must be raised or tilted upwards to provide the required height space on one side when descending the stairs. Depending on the depth of the cabinet, the space available in a standard 8 ‘building on the roof allows a height of up to 7 feet and a width of 3 to 4 feet.

If it is not possible to access the staircase, it is possible to obtain a smaller and more personalized storage space on both sides (opposite the end of the door). This can produce an interesting offset shelf or market layout for displaying your favorite items. The height and distance of each niche correspond to the height of the staircase behind the wall.

Headers of doors and windows

The empty space above the doors and windows (if curtain paint is not used) can be a great place for shelves or even small cabinets that fit perfectly to the ceiling. The shelves can also be extended on both sides downwards in areas where they are not affected by the hinged door. This can be an attractive focal point, framing a door or window for density or search. Furthermore, the low cabinets with seats in the upper part can be placed under the windows and complete the framed look.

Upstairs corners

The same idea can be applied to the walls above the interior corners in rooms where there may be furniture below, but nothing above. The large and attractive corner unit works well in the bedroom and can also be carried over the bed wall, providing space for recessed lighting in the lower part. This arrangement is also suitable for the home office above the corner table.

Knee walls on the second floor

The canopies on the second floor with sloping ceilings, curved behind the walls of the short knee, are ideal places for built-in storage. By varying the height, depth or style of the fitting, an attractive and useful display of furniture and shelves is possible.

Accessible attic storage

Many houses with mezzanines above the main living area have small access benches, sometimes located in the ceiling of a closet and in most cases extremely difficult to access. The installation of escalators (also called folding staircases) on the roof of a corridor or attached garage (if possible) must be a priority. These conveniently hidden stairs can make access much safer and more convenient. They offer excellent storage space for seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or other items once a year.

If the staircase unit is not in position without a view and you have a basement, install it on the ceiling of the staircase leading to the basement. The unit should run parallel to the existing staircase with the depression accessible from the descent to the upper level of the basement and upwards. When the stairs are lowered, you can go up to the attic. Once the retractable ladder is closed to the ceiling, you enter the basement.

Whether you are planning to build a small house or renovate an existing small house, small-house plans can be a challenge in terms of sufficient storage space. With an accurate design, you can find creative ways to access the most attractive and affordable closets, closets and attic space for all your favorite items.