5 ways to save money in your kitchen cabinets

5 ways to save money in your kitchen cabinets
5 ways to save money in your kitchen cabinets

When I started looking at the kitchen cabinets, I was surprised at how expensive these things were.

Even cheap cabinets cost more than expected. After realizing that cheap cabinets were not much more than particle boards, I decided to spend a lot of money or look for other options. Here are 5 quick suggestions that I gathered after a long and difficult search for new cabinets for my kitchen.

1. Connect online and look for kitchen cabinets. You can find the same cabinets your store offers, as well as custom manufacturers, RTA distributors, and you can get competitive prices. You will find that most cabinets are still expensive, but if you are looking for RTA cabinets, you will surely find good purchases. If you don’t know what an RTA company is, it means you’re ready to assemble. No need to worry, ready to assemble literally means you’ll need a screwdriver and that’s it. All the cabinets I bought come with an instruction page and I used my cordless drill, but it wasn’t necessary, it was just to speed up the editing.

2. Pay attention to the sites you are going to put online. Do some research before deciding to buy from one site instead. Most online sites are just retail stores that buy from someone else. If you can, try to find the company that imports the cabinets. There are many ministerial cabinets, and some will try to confuse you by changing the name of the company so they can sell it as a high-end cabinet. Some will offer “free shipping.” Do not think it will be free shipping, but they will mark the cabinets enough to offset your shipping costs.

3. Trust the quality of these cabinets. Good RTA sites import their cabinets from reliable sources that use all wood construction for frames and doors and will use solid plywood for the sides. Most store cabinets are made of chipboard.

4. Compare what you would spend in a hypermarket; Add to that the inconvenience of driving to the store and the price of gasoline. Now compare that with the convenience of having the cabinets delivered to your door. Yes, there is a shipping charge, but even after these costs, I still saved hundreds of dollars in cabinets.

5. Look at the options you have. When you shop at a store, you will quickly find that they only carry a few cabinets. All others must be “specially commissioned.” This special order comes with a shipping surcharge and usually other fees. On the other hand, if you can find the RTA cabinet sites that directly import your cabinets, they will have all the cabinets in stock. Importers can usually ship their cabinets within 3 to 5 days, not counting transit times. Therefore, if you find a site that tells you 3-4 weeks, you will probably only sell the cabinets.

Go online and search for an RTA kitchen cabinet site. Be careful with the labels on some of these sites and feel free to ask questions. Prices vary and some costs are hidden, but in the end, you will save a lot of money.