Laminated cabinet liner saves thousands

Laminated cabinet liner saves thousands
Laminated cabinet liner saves thousands

In the face of major kitchen remodeling, you may face difficult decisions if you need to save money due to tight budget constraints.

The problem is that the choice of cabinets, counters, appliances or the removal of items. Such as tile splatters or travertine floors that are important to you will have a significant impact on the renovation project. Well, there is a place where you can save money that will not affect the overall value of the project. The laminated cabinet liner saves thousands of dollars from the cost of replacing custom cabinets while giving your kitchen the new look you’re looking for.

If the structure of your existing cabinets is healthy, there is really no need to look at the cost and waste your time dismantling, ordering and replacing cabinet boxes in excellent condition. What needs to be replaced are cabinet doors, drawer fronts and cabinet fittings. These are the three elements that make up the style of the cabinets and give the appearance of a kitchen unit.

Of course, this means that you are satisfied with the overall design of the kitchen. With respect to the wall and floor cabinets in place. Even if you maintain existing cabinets, you can make updates that will provide the functionality found in modern kitchens. Some things you can add are separations in cabinets for cookie trays, drawers to organize cutlery, drawers in cabinets to allow easy recovery of pots and pans, a lazy Susan in corner cabinets to better use this space, and pulling. trash cans and recycling bins. There are others, but these updates will give you the impression of having new companies, but again, at a much lower cost than replacing them.

If you decide to carry out a renovation project of the laminated cabinet when you are renovating your kitchen.

You can expect much less downtime to use your kitchen. Since the cabinets will not be destroyed. The loss of your kitchen will be so minimal that you will hardly notice anything. Lamination of the laminated cabinet involves the elimination of all doors, drawer fronts and cabinet hardware. You will select replacements for these items from a wide variety of styles and finishes. At this point, the cabinet boxes will be replaced by a laminate sheet that matches the doors and fronts of the replacement drawers. The doors and drawer fronts will be reinstalled using the new cabinet hinges, handles, and drawers of your choice, and your cabinet refill is now complete.

Although this process from beginning to end may take a few weeks if it is necessary to customize your doors and drawer fronts. The actual time required to dismantle and reinstall your new functions can be easily achieved in one or two days. by a competent company. As with any home renovation project, take the time to research. Request up to three estimates from qualified professionals. I am sure you will find that cabinet laminate will provide you with a quality product that meets your needs. needs and those of your family.