A wide-angle broom is an important tool for cleaning the kitchen


A wide-angle broom should always be part of the house cleaning tools for daily cooking.

Every part of the house should be kept clean, but the kitchen requires as much sanitation as possible. Food preparation produces a large number of decomposable waste materials, such as meat, vegetables, fruits and even some liquid. Some of these ingredients that fall to the ground can fall into hard-to-reach corners and can easily be overlooked. These food particles will eventually be the source of harmful bacteria deposits and can only be cleaned with an angular broom.

Once or twice a week, the entire kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Pay attention to the amount of detergent and disinfectant you will use because too much water could also be toxic.

Get used to quickly cleaning stains on the floor and kitchen countertops.

Clean stains on the floor to avoid daily stains. It is also dangerous to leave spilled liquids unattended, as this could cause unwanted accidents while traveling through the area while preparing your meals. Do not clean the liquid, especially when it comes to condiments, milk or oil. Use a sponge or cloth soaked in soap or detergent to keep the stain clean.

Do not leave dirty or unwashed dishes in the sink, as this will attract unwanted insects, such as cockroaches. This often attracts bacteria, which will then result in an unpleasant smell. What can be done is to mix dishwashing detergent with water during cooking in the sink. Once a dish is cooked and served on the tray, put the used pot or pan in the sink and let it soak. When you have finished cooking, clean the soaked trays and trays. At this point, it will be easier to eliminate stuck foods and fats.

Beware of sponges and smelly tissues. This is already a sign of massive accumulation of bacteria and a sign that the sponge or tissue should already be replaced. It is better to use tea towels instead of sponges. Sponges retain fluids and remain moist most of the time, which makes them a good place for bacteria to grow. When using the laundry, clean it and let it dry after use.

Cleaning the floor can be done once or twice a week, but sweeping should be a common task. For homes with pets and children, a daily mop is necessary. Invest in a good wide-angle broom that you can use for a long time. It is a tool that is definitely useful in kitchens.